About Us

Special Cryogenics Corporation was built in 2012 Shanghai, and have two offices in Xi’an and Beijing.

We are focusing on Superconducting Magnetics and Cryogenics field, servicing for Key university and National Research Institutes in China and we are agent of JASTEC, International Cryogenics, Scientific Instruments, AMI(Amrican Magnetics, Inc. ARS(Advanced Research System,Inc., Hisol, Inc.and etc.

SPC: Special Cryogenics Corporation began operations in 2012 , in Beijing and Xi’an have offices, the main agent of foreign low-temperature superconductivity, electronic measurement and other areas of advanced equipment, but also in the development of their own products.

The Operating products covered by cryogenics temperature measurement and cryogenics level measurement solutions, GM cryocoolers, cryostat, superconducting magnet and so on.